18 reasons to have your own show

In the spirit of brevity, I seriously tried to cut these down (you know, to a cliched top 10), however knowing just how powerful a marketing tool having your own show is, I feel that all 18 of these reasons are valid and worth sharing! So, having your own show:

Positions you as an industry-expert. You become known as a thought-leader within your industry and can influence what others are thinking and talking about.
Provides an opportunity for you to share your opinions and knowledge to a broad audience.
Generates enquiry for your service or product.
Creates other business-building opportunities like speaking engagements and publicity.
It makes your brand appear bigger than it possibly is … even if you’re a solopreneur.
It enables you to reach people you may never have thought possible. (I’ve had just one person decline an interview request in 3 years!).
It makes use of an emerging marketing channel that your competition probably aren’t using.
Is a great way to build your personal brand (as well as that of your business).
Can be a new revenue stream within your business that you’d previously not considered.
It effectively builds a community that emotionally engages with you and your business.
Helps you become a trusted advisor which means more people listen to and act on what it is you have to say, share and recommend.
Can make you famous within your industry.
Is a great way to bond, impress and motivate.
Is relatively inexpensive. You can’t buy this type of result in any other form of media without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Consider making an infomercial plus buying the air time!
It drives qualified traffic back to your website. Your audience loves you enough to then want to get more of what you’ve got.
You’ll become smarter and more articulate about your own field, especially if you decide to interview other experts.
It’s easy to listen to a podcast wherever you are, whenever you look, as often as you like. Blogs and videos have a role, but try reading or watching something whilst you’re driving, working out or going for a walk!
Oh, and it’s fun. Lots of fun ;0)

Ready To Get Your Own Show?