7 Mistakes You’d Make If You Did It Yourself.

There’s potentially a lot more, depending on where your skills lie. But here’s 7 mistakes that may just stop your show returning the types of outcomes you should expect.

You may get lost in the technology … recording settings, file types, acoustic set-up, equipment choices and so on.
You may struggle with getting the right show structure … there’s so many great options to consider.
You may miss opportunities for optimising your show’s listenability.
You may master the technology but hit a wall once you hit record … what questions should you ask? What if your guest is a dud? What if .? What if …?
You may get the show up but struggle to get the message out there and build the right audience. Marketing your show is important … we show you the key steps.
You may end up with a very poor audio quality. The shows we produce are bright and present. They sound expensive.
You may find yourself doing everything. Focussing on creating killer content is what you want to be doing.

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