OK, so there’s two ways to get your own show. One involves a chinwag between us where you can ask me anything … the other has me and my team roll out the red carpet and hand it to you on a platter.

But here’s the rub … work with me to get your own show and you’ll not only have a technically perfect show (that’s the easy part), but you’ll have a show that is professionally constructed and that you love producing; you’ll have a system that makes it easy to manage your own show consistently; and a tried and tested marketing process that will help you build your audience.

Most importantly, work with me and my team and you’ll have a show that you’ll be immensely proud of – that gets talked about and shared throughout your industry – maybe even the world (that’s what happened to me).

OK. Convinced? Sweet. Let’s talk packages:



You may be wondering if podcasting is the right channel to promote your business.

  • You may be convinced that it is and just need some advice on how to get going.
  • Or you may well have your own show and are looking to bounce around some new ideas.
  • Book a discovery call with me and I’ll help you break through to podcasting nirvana.
  • We speak via Skype video and calls can last up to 75-minutes.

Investment – $695 (ex GST)

Outcome All your questions answered, and probably some you didn’t think of asking.

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Being a follower of Tim Reid’s Small Business Big Marketing podcast, I knew that a podcast would be a powerful tool for business, it was the doubt the other partners had. After engaging the services of Tim, his advice set all on the right track and gave all of us direction, the confidence and reasons to move forward. Tim knows his stuff and I do and have recommended his service to any business owner.Cheryl Eagers – Cherish Artz, Photographers Aloud



Work alongside Tim and his team as they get the first two episodes of your own show fully produced and live on the iTunes store before you can say “Geez, I’d love my own show!” Well, it will take a little longer than two seconds, but quick nonetheless!

So, if all you want to do is focus on creating outstanding killer content, then let me help you with that and get everything else in place as well. And I mean everything!

Our Red Carpet package is a done for you solution that starts with me working with you to get 100% clarity around your show’s idea … and finishes with your first two episodes sounding beautifully professional and live on your website, iTunes and the other major global podcast directories. Together with a marketing strategy that will enable you to constantly get the word out.

Here’s how we roll:

  1. CONTENT: Clarity on what your show will be about … A show without a spine means you don’t know what to include and listeners don’t know why they should listen.
  2. NAME: Your show deserves great one … One that you love, gets remembered and sets an expectation with your listeners.
  3. DESIGN: Think of this as your shows logo, its album cover, that identifies you in iTunes, gets used on your website and anywhere else you want to splash it around.
  4. FORMAT: A relevant format is critical to the way your show comes across. Is it just you talking … or do you have a co-host? If so, who? Will you be interviewing? How long should it be? We’ll go through the options and work out what’s best for you.
  5. STRUCTURE: A great structure can lead to deep engagement with your listeners. Do you or don’t you have segments? If you do, what are they? We’ll work it out and give you loads of segment options to consider.
  6. GUESTS: If you choose to have guests, the right ones make a show. I’ll share my exact formula (including email scripts) for identifying and attracting them. And what to do with them once their interview is live.
  7. INTERVIEWING: Hosting and interviewing skills are critical … Having hosted my own show for the past 3 years, I know how to get the best out of a guest. I’ll share with you how I do it and give you loads of questions to keep the interview flowing.
  8. JINGLE: Every show starts with a great intro and ends with a great outro. You know, that pre-recorded jingle that welcomes and farewells your listeners. We write, record and produce one for you.
  9. RECORDING: Quality audio reproduction is everything. If your show is hard to listen to then people will turn off immediately and never come back. We show you how to get great sound every time (and no, it doesn’t require you to build or rent a studio).
  10. EDITING: Once you’ve recorded your first episode, we’ll turn it into something special and return it sounding like it came from a top rating FM radio station. (Actually, it will sound better than that).
  11. DISTRIBUTION: With your first episode in the can, we work with your web developer to get it on your website, then register it with all the major and minor podcast directories globally, starting with the big daddy of them all, the Apple iTunes store.
  12. MARKETING: Getting a show live is great (sensational actually), but people need to find it. I’ll show you exactly what I’ve done to drive traffic to your site and build a global audience using email marketing, social media, direct marketing, joint ventures and more.

The bottom line is that you’ll end up with your own show that will build your business and your personal brand.

Investment – $6,490 (ex GST)

Outcome – Your first two episodes live on the Apple iTunes store. The bottom line is that you’ll end up with your own show that will build your business and your personal brand by positioning you as an opinion-leader within your industry. You’ll be amazed by the opportunities that come your way.

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Tim Reid was the inspiration behind our new podcast I have been listening to Tim on Small Business Big Marketing, then his other podcast Freedom Ocean for years. I could see the potential of podcasting to create content and attract and audience. We have started recording episodes, are having our site designed and are very excited about been in itunes in the next month or so. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Tim paving the way, I wouldn’t haven’t even dared consider podcasting! His Online Communications Masterclass was the thing that sealed the deal.Rocky Biasi –