Ready to make your mark?

That’s what having your own show does. It’s a big, bold statement that positions you as a leader in your industry … and launches you into a range of opportunities, some which you may have hoped for, others which you could have never imagined.

My business is just me, and I’ve got my own show … had it for three years. And it happens to consistently rank as the #1 marketing podcast on the Apple iTunes store, has a global audience in the tens of thousands and has a major national brand sponsoring it.

Having my own show has had other spin-offs:

  • Generated tens of thousands of dollars of business.
  • Positioned me as a thought leader in my industry.
  • Attracted dozens of speaking engagements nationally.
  • Created a steady stream of enquiry and as a result, clients.
  • Enabled me to connect with people I’d never have thought possible (including Dr. Edward de Bono, Olympian Michael Klim and amazing business founders from Rip Curl, Flight Centre and more).
  • Pushed me to the top of Google for certain keywords.
  • Created a loyal following … a tribe.
  • Allowed me to build a strong, personal brand.
  • Given me an even greater sense of industry developments.
  • Enabled me to create a wealth of rich, shareable, evergreen content.
  • And (as cheesy as it may sound) made me a little famous within my niche.

Take a moment to imagine what having your own show could mean for your business.

A channel where you could share your thoughts and views on a variety of topics related to your industry. In doing so, position yourself as an expert, an industry leader … someone who is shaping what your industry talks about. And, in the process, build a strong, healthy brand that prospects and customers love. A brand they feel compelled to do business with, and tell others about.

I’m amazed at how many times I get a call from a listener wanting to use my services and they say “It’s so weird to hear your voice, Timbo … I feel like I already know you!”

Now I’d like to show you how to get your own show. Ready?

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I had been contemplating creating my own podcast show for ages. I was completely inspired to interview experts in my field to help them have a “voice” and inspire newcomers to the (Yoga) industry. But I had a lot of learning to do! There wasn’t many podcasting teachers around at the time. I listened to lots of podcasts to get an idea of interviewing styles, intros & outros, how long should it be what technology to use etc, etc, etc.

One day I saw Tim Reid present at a small business seminar in Melbourne. I was keen to tell him I was a big fan of his show Small Business Big Marketing. I told him I wanted to create my own show. I credit Tim for being the one who gave me the best advice and pushed me past my self created doubts he said “Just do it” … “get started and do it”! So I did and now I’m averaging two episodes a month and have met some incredible people and I love it! And I’ve even interviewed Tim Reid!
Bettina Mitchell – Yoga Teacher Podcasts

“If it came down to you and your competitor in a new business pitch situation … and you casually let the client know that you host an entire show dedicated to their area of interest, whilst your competitor relies on a few flashy slides, guess who’s got the upper hand?”

Get your own show if …

  • You want to be viewed as a thought leader within your industry.
  • You have a need to market your business (and who doesn’t?!).
  • You understand the power of creating rich, shareable content.
  • You want to attract more into your business … more connections, more enquiries, more interest.
  • You want to be famous within your industry.
  • You feel you’ve got something important to say.
  • You’d like to say to a prospect “Check my show out … I think you’ll love it!”

Ready To Get Your Own Show?

Tim is an Aussie business podcasting legend and a huge inspiration to me. Small Business Big Marketing was the first podcast I listened to and a big influencer in me launching my own podcast Web Domination. Whenever I give people feedback on podcasts I send them to SBBM to learn from the best. Let’s face it, most podcast hosts are boring. Tim is passionate, entertaining and knowledgeable and as a result SBBM is a shining example of how to keep people engaged with the audio format. Throw some truly world class guests into that recipe and the result is inspiring.Dan Norris – Web Control Room

Let’s talk Podcasting.

I listened to my first podcast seven years ago, and have been hooked ever since. I couldn’t believe it was possible to find niche programming specific to areas that I was interested in … with no superfluous chatter about stuff that I wasn’t interested in.

And that I could download these programs for free … and listen to them in my own time … as often as I wanted!

Oh, and with no (or very few ads) and hosted by people who were passionate about what they did (and not just some radio DJ who was more happy with his voice than what was being said).

Then the realisation hit me … not only was podcasting an amazing source of quality, relevant and timely information, it was an amazing way for a business (big or small) to produce and distribute their own show. Now that’s amazing in itself, for a whole host of reasons (18, in fact) which I detail below.

However, what other medium can give you, the business owner, the ability to inexpensively engage with your prospects in a manner that will enable them to form a positive opinion about what it is you offer?

Sure, you could blog … but it’s not always easy to convey the necessary feeling through words. And yep, you could sit in front of a video camera, but not everyone’s comfortable doing that. Oh, and there’s always advertising or direct marketing, but what a bottomless pit, fraught with danger and traps for the uninitiated that is.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of podcasting, the world’s best way for a business to get their own show.

Ready To Get Your Own Show?