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I had been contemplating creating my own podcast show for ages. I was completely inspired to interview experts in my field to help them have a "voice" and inspire new comers to the (Yoga) industry. But I had a lot of learning to do! There wasn't many podcasting teachers around at the time. I listened to lots of podcasts to get an idea of interviewing styles, intros & outros, how long should it be what technology to use etc, etc, etc. One day I saw Tim Reid present at a small business seminar in Melbourne. I was keen to tell him I was a big fan of his show Small Business Big Marketing. I told him I wanted to create my own show. I credit Tim for being the one who gave me the best advice and pushed me past my self created doubts he said "Just do it"… "get started and do it"! So I did and now I'm averaging 2 episodes a month and have met some incredible people and I love it! And I've even interviewed Tim Reid! – Yoga Teacher Podcasts Bettina Mitchell
Tim is an Aussie business podcasting legend and a huge inspiration to me. Small Business Big Marketing was the first podcast I listened to and a big influencer in me launching my own podcast Web Domination. Whenever I give people feedback on podcasts I send them to SBBM to learn from the best.
Let's face it, most podcast hosts are boring - myself included. Tim is passionate, entertaining and knowledgeable and as a result SBBM is a shining example of how to keep people engaged with the audio format. Throw some truly world class guests into that recipe and the result is inspiring. – Cherish Artz, Photographers Aloud
Hi Tim and James, Just a quick message to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world. I have been listening to the two of you since the beginning and have been inspired on many levels. I have learned a great deal from the show, as well as from observing your marketing strategies. I have implemented many of the things you have shared in my own business and you have helped me to understand marketing better, as well as improve my mindset for running a successful business. I have just launched my own podcast series called 'Improvement Ship', and I have drawn inspiration and the belief that it is possible from listening to you both speak. It is truly amazing how we live in a time where we can inspire, motivate and mentor others to more positive and fulfilling lives without even having met one another. We are all so busy sometimes trying to be successful, that we forget to truly acknowledging our source of inspiration and so I just thought I would take this time to let the two of you know, that you are doing a great job and thank you very much. – Clinton K
Being a follower of Tim Reid's Small Business Big Marketing podcast, I knew that a podcast would be a powerful tool for business, it was the doubt the other partners had. After engaging the services of Tim, his advice set all on the right track and gave all of us direction, the confidence and reasons to move forward. Tim knows his stuff and I do and have recommended his service to any business owner. – Cheryl Eagers
Tim Reid was the inspiration behind our new podcast braintreepodcast.com. I have been listening to Tim on Small Business Big Marketing, then his other podcast Freedom Ocean for years. I could see the potential of podcasting to create content and attract and audience. We have started recording episodes, are having our site designed and are very excited about been in itunes in the next month or so. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Tim paving the way, I wouldn't haven't even dared consider podcasting! His Online Communications Masterclass was the thing that sealed the deal. – Rocky Biasiwww.braintreepodcast.com
I’d like to thank Tim Reid for helping me get my podcast - Ask Find Buy - to market. I’ve sought Tim’s advice on numerous occasions and his advice has been invaluable in helping me form the idea and get the business to market. Tim’s generous with his time and knowledge and his skills are so instrumental in getting so many businesses to where they are today. – Craig Griffiths, The Ask Find Buy Show

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I would never expect you to read all these testimonials … there’s hundreds … however, flick through them and you’ll get a sense of the power podcasting has in building a tribe, a group of raving fans, who love what you do and how you help them in their business (and often personal) lives.